Partners, LLC

About Us

Extraordinary Returns Through Expertise.


mission and purpose

Since its founding, the mission and purpose of the firm has been to seek out uniquely sited properties and produce durable, high-quality neighborhoods and projects for the community and jurisdictions within which it builds. As long-term investors, our focus is on developing projects designed to produce long-term, reoccurring cash flows.


The firm has been at the forefront of sustainable design for many years, carefully integrating its projects into the surrounding environment. Awards have included, among others, the prodigious NAIOP "Best Smart Growth Master Plan" and the "Wildlife Management Award" for a collaborative effort with the Humane Society of the United States to save endangered Box Turtles.


Creative strategies

The creation of extraordinary returns through expertise rather than excessive leverage requires focused creative strategies not generally employed by the competition. We utilize in-house architectural services to produce elegant, proprietary multi-family unit designs for rapid submission and careful tracking during the approval process. We use collaborative relationships with our contractors and their subcontractors to create refined, cost effective systems. We work with local jurisdictions for improvements that advance all parties interests and enhance the value of the project.