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Henry Investment Partners, LLC pursues properties where permanent, sustainable competitive advantages can be achieved. Typically, we pursue sites with high barriers to entry and challenging entitlement hurdles - sites which draw deeply upon expertise in the realms of entitlement, design and financing. Once these projects are successfully entitled, they create the opportunity for long-term value creation without the threat of excess competition.

This approach - developing in high barrier markets and creating a sustainable competitive advantage coupled with modest leverage and strong co-venture affiliates, is the cornerstone of the firm's investment strategy, which has resulted in very strong financial returns and strong year-over-year cash flow growth for the portfolio and its investors.

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Since its founding, the mission and purpose of the firm has been to seek out uniquely sited properties and produce durable, high-quality neighborhoods and projects for the community and jurisdictions within which it builds. more...


The principals of Henry Investment Partners, LLC, along with affiliated partnerships, have a broad array of experience and expertise spanning legal, design, permitting, risk management, construction, financing, and more...


Over the past 20 years, Henry Investment Partners has practiced the venerable form of prudent real estate investment. It avoids risky debt structures, and elects to properly capitalize each investment either through direct resources or by associating more...